The Life and Times of Bob and Mike Bryan

In their 24-year career, the Bryan brothers have won 118 titles, Olympic gold, held all four Slams at the same time, and have won every Slam twice. They have won 39 Masters titles and been No. 1 for 438 weeks.

Recently, they announced they’ll be retiring after the 2020 US Open. Here’s a collection of some of our favorite stories and quotes from the best doubles teams to ever take the court:

When IT asked the boys for an example of their synchronicity, they replied—almost in one voice—with an astounding tale. “It was just the weirdest thing,” Mike explains. “I called Bob and I’m like, ‘I got a sweet couch.’ He said, ‘Shut up—I’m in a furniture store right now looking for couches.’ And I’m like, ‘Did you get one?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I’m just checking out now.’”

“We were in the same store [Crate & Barrel],” says Bob. “I was in Miami, and Mike was in California.”

The brothers start to recreate their conversation:

“You’re in Crate & Barrel too? Are you going to buy one of these?”

“‘I just bought one.”

“I just bought one, too.”

“I got this little brown-beige sectional one.”

“You’re s——g me.”

Bob and Mike had bought the exact same couch, in the same color, at the same price—down to the dollar.


CNN featured the following dialogue between the Bryan Bros:

Mike: “We’re pretty telepathic. I know what he’s thinking.”

Bob: “Yeah? What am I thinking now?” 

Mike: “You’re thinking I just gave a crappy answer [to that last question].

Bob: “Yeah, you’re right.”

“Grass is a little bit of an equalizer because a caveman can come out there and serve bombs and hold serve all the way. There have been a few years where we weren’t broken and still lost.” – Mike Bryan

“I had a circus of monkeys in my stomach just playing tambourine in there.” – Bob Bryan after a Davis Cup Match

Kathy Blake, a former world-class pro and the mother of doubles stars Bob and Mike Bryan, used an incentive during their junior matches. She gave them 25 cents each time they came to the net.

“What’s not to like about those guys? They act like they’re at their own 8th birthday party.” – Mary Carillo, on exuberant, chest-bumping 
twins Bob and Mike Bryan

Story by: Inside Tennis

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